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Priory Accounting

Your accountant of choice when looking for a professional, friendly, fast and efficient service.

We are delighted that when recently surveyed that 95% of our clients were very pleased with our service. 

We are working very hard on the remaining 5% who were just pleased with our service to make sure that will be totally delighted next time we ask them.


Business Rates - do not be caught out and check it now

Business Rates 2017

The 2017 Business Rates revaluation is under way.  This happens about every 5 years normally and should have been in 2015 but was postponed till 2017.

When HMRC audit a business they look at the entire travel and expenses process

Keeping the taxman happy

Most people assume HMRC inspectors are only interested in completed expense claims and associated receipts – but they’re not. When the time comes to audit your business, HMRC will be looking at your entire travel and expense

Intellectual Property - protect your ideas and innovations before someone else steals it.

Protecting your IP

When a business starts up often the last thing on the entrepreneurs mind is Intellectual Property.