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7 ideas on how to cover self employed illness and inability to work

Self Employed and ill - it might kill your business

With all the recent furore over the “White Van Man” NI contributions rising then scrapped in the Spring Budget, we thought we’d have a look at what happens when a self employed business owner falls ill and can’t work. 

Auto enrolment does not cover the self employed or sole trader.

Auto Enrolment and Self Employed

It's a risky strategy NOT to plan ahead for retirement when self employed.   But many self employed are already struggling to keep heads above water without finding extra funds for pensions

Information from HMRC on Making Tax Digital for business

Making tax digital for businesses

Businesses should not have to wait until the end of the tax year or even longer before knowing how much tax they should pay. 

From April 2018, businesses, including everyone who is self-employed and those letting out property, will update HMRC at least quarterly