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We are delighted that when recently surveyed that 95% of our clients were very pleased with our service. 

We are working very hard on the remaining 5% who were just pleased with our service to make sure that will be totally delighted next time we ask them.


Increase prices, increase profits - understand the effect of raising and lowering prices on profitability

Increase prices, increase profits

How did you decide on your current pricing? Did you conduct market research to understand what prospects would pay? Or did you compare yourself to your competitors and base your price on that? Or was it a random shot in the dark?  These are the ways most people do it, and they are all wrong. Because the price you set for your products and services is more important than you think.

Ten Top Tips for Business Owners on holiday

If you plan to switch off completely – that means not even thinking about your business, then read no further and have a fabulous holiday.  But did you know that 75% of business owners still beaver away during vacation time.

Top 20 New Start Tips

Top 20New Start Tips

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