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Priory Accounting

Your accountant of choice when looking for a professional, friendly, fast and efficient service.

We are delighted that when recently surveyed that 95% of our clients were very pleased with our service. 

We are working very hard on the remaining 5% who were just pleased with our service to make sure that will be totally delighted next time we ask them.


Intellectual Property - protect your ideas and innovations before someone else steals it.

Protecting your IP

When a business starts up often the last thing on the entrepreneurs mind is Intellectual Property.  

Keeping your finger on the Digital Pulse might save your business '000's

Keep your finger on the digital pulse

With Cyber Crime costing SME's over £18 billion, it pays to keep up to date 

4 Ways Cyber Crime Can Hurt Your Small Business.

Cyber Crime can hurt your business

We found this excellent article on Business Know How.  It is something that many small businesses still overlook until it is too late – here are 4 consequences.  And here is a link to the National Cyber Crime Unit for excellent advice